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Sustainable Maldives Luxury Resort


Located in one of the most untouched atolls in the Maldives, we have a thorough understanding of the need to preserve and protect the natural resources surrounding us and place a significant emphasis on our eco-inspired initiatives to minimize carbon footprint and be the “first zero-waste-generating resort” in the country.


Our luxury Maldives resort is the first Fairmont property in the world to achieve the coveted Green Globe Certification for our various noteworthy sustainability initiatives.


The Sustainability Lab

The Sustainability Lab – the first of its kind in the archipelago – is a center for education and re...

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In dedication to protecting our diverse eco-biology and beyond, the resort houses the Coralarium, th...

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Solar Energy and Efficient Energy Consumption

We have integrated energy-saving strategies into our daily operations to monitor and reduce usage. O...

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No to Single-use Plastic

To minimize the need for single-use plastics, we have an on-site Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Pla...

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Local Community Engagement

Our commitment goes beyond just environmental sustainability. We aim to create value for local commu...

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