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Social Responsibility Journey


As part of AccorHotels, we’re proud members of Planet 21, an industry-leading corporate social responsibility program that promotes environmental sustainability in our hotels and communities.

Building on the guidelines of Agenda 21, the environmental action plan signed at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, Planet 21 challenges all of us—from guests to hotel colleagues to property developers—to think creatively about the ways our actions affect not just the environment, but the people and places that we call home. It also challenges us to put these thoughts into concrete actions that help our communities and our planet.

In your guest room, you can find eco-friendly amenities—such as soaps and shower gels—and energy-efficient light bulbs and electronics wherever possible. To reduce our water usage, you have the option to decline daily cleaning of sheets and linens. Our kitchens are working to increase their reliance on local, sustainable suppliers while using more hotel property to grow our own produce, herbs and honey.



Fairmont is committed to helping end the exploitation of children around the world, because we believe that every child deserves to feel safe, no matter where they are. Through our WATCH program, we’ve partnered with law enforcement agencies and community organizations to ensure that child abuse does not occur at our properties.

While our staff are specially trained to recognize and respond to indications of abuse involving children, we also ask that our guests report any instances in which they suspect a minor might be in distress.



At the corporate level, we’re striving to increase our colleague diversity, particularly among executives, to better reflect the world we live in. And we’re dedicating ourselves to becoming even better members of our community, with initiatives that will see us donating more of our unused food products and amenities, building long-lasting partnerships with local nonprofit organizations, beginning new fundraising ventures and more.

Read more about Planet 21, WATCH and our other social responsibility initiatives in our SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT PLAN and ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY.  We’re excited to continue our sustainability journey—and we hope that you’ll share that journey with us.