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Sea Turtle Nest Excavation: A Fascinating Experience

While staying on the island 48 hours after a sea turtle hatching event, you might have the incredible opportunity to witness Neus, our Olive Ridley Project Sea Turtle Biologist and Guest Educator, conduct a nest excavation.


Nest excavations are performed after hatchlings have left the nest, allowing us to evaluate its contents and determine its success. Guided by strict protocols that minimize disruption to the natural process, Neus counts empty eggshells, unhatched eggs, and deceased hatchlings while rescuing any trapped ones, ensuring their immediate release. After the excavation, the nest’s contents are returned to the beach ecosystem.


These excavations provide invaluable data on sea turtle populations and help us understand disturbances that may lead to malformations and egg failure. To delve deeper into the significance of these excavations, do not hesitate to ask Neus or visit the ORP’s website or social media channels.


Please note that all sea turtles are protected under Maldivian Law, and all nest monitoring, relocations, and excavations are carried out by trained researchers from the Olive Ridley Project under research permits from the Environmental Protection Agency in the Maldives.

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