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Lamy Motta

Lamy or Lamirse da Motta Pacheco has been a certified yoga and meditation instructor for seven years, teaching in Brazil, New Zealand, Fiji, India, and the Maldives. She has certifications in various styles, including aerial yoga, power yoga, yin yoga, pre-natal yoga, kids yoga, hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa flow, restorative yoga, pranayama, and meditation.

A registered nutritionist, too, she advocates a holistic approach to wellness and nutrition. After carefully assessing her clients’ nutritional needs and diet restrictions, she prepares personalised health and dietary plans. She also counsels on general rules of good nutrition, healthy eating habits, and nutrition monitoring to improve the quality of life.

Lamy started practising yoga, almost by chance, when at university. She recalls, “Back then, my daily routine was quite intense, keeping up with classes, two jobs and sports. It led to burnout, and I was diagnosed with gastritis and a rare skin condition called Fox-Fordyce disease. I used to lift weights, run and swim. It was after one of my swimming sessions that a friend of mine introduced me to yoga. As a gymnast for almost a decade, stretching wasn’t new to me, and I could easily perform the basic yoga postures. But it was when I first combined yoga with meditation that my perspective changed: I was completely amazed by the power of this discipline that it quickly became a habit.”

The more Lamy practised, the more benefits she saw. Within five months, her gastritis attacks became sporadic. The skin condition healed too, and ever since, she has wanted to share the power of yoga with others. She soon became the first registered Yoga Teacher in Manaus (Amazons, Brazil).

Lamy’s primary goal is to create a powerful experience for every person possible and enable them to explore their full potential. Yoga, she says, is the perfect discipline to align and balance mind and body. Its practice can help with an array of stress-induced conditions that manifest as diseases or disorders. She advises everyone to dedicate some time daily to self-care and wellness – in other words, practice yoga daily. Practising yoga is an act of self-love, she believes.