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ABBA Tribute Band, 21st Century ABBA

Mamma mia, here I go again

My, my, how can I resist you?

Mamma mia, does it show again

My, my, just how much I’ve missed you?

If these lyrics make you want to dance and sing along, then you won’t be able to resist the magic of Sweden’s top tribute band, 21st Century Abba. Their electrifying live performances across Europe and Asia have brought the music of the iconic 1970s pop group to a whole new generation. A generation that grew up wanting to be Dancing Queens.

This Swedish fab four not only have an uncanny resemblance to the original quartet, but they also have the talent. They sing and play all the instruments without using backing tracks. And they also dance like the originals, performing in their iconic over-the-top costumes – the white jumpsuits, the Money, Money coats and hats, the kimonos and gold cloaks.

Meet Nina (Agnetha), Marcus (Bjorn), Greg (Benny) and Indrija (Anni-Frid), who together have won the Official UK No. 1 Abba Tribute Band award from the Agents Association Ltd four years in a row. Onstage they are accompanied by Mike, a world-class bass player and top drummer Martin.

An award-winning musician and songwriter, Nina has been a fan of Abba’s music since her childhood, and is named after their hit ‘Nina, Pretty Ballerina’. With her long blonde hair and crystal clear soprano voice, it isn’t a surprise that she emulates her pop idol, Agnetha. Marcus’ one love is the guitar. His innovative style and technique are a sensory delight, and this consummate performer knows how to get the crowd going, just like his alter-ego, Bjorn. Playing the piano from a very young age, Greg is something of a musical genius. His inspiration is Benny, the legendary band’s pianist, and Greg’s attention to detail has enabled the band to perfect that Abba sound. A gifted vocalist, the last member, Indrija, with her long, striking auburn hair and warm mezzo-soprano vocal, is really Anni-Frid!

The fab four are bringing their idols back to life to help you countdown to the New Year. You can dance, and you can jive and have the time of your life.