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Dawn Harlow | Visiting Practitioner

15th December 2019 - 15th January 2020

Dawn Harlow is a spiritual teacher, writer, and author of her soon to be released book, Permission to Shine. She is a KRI certified kundalini yoga teacher to Level 3. For the last 10 years, she has dedicated her life to studying and mastering the ancient sacred technology of humanology and kundalini yoga under the blessed guidance of her teacher Guru Singh.

She also studied and trained in Rishikesh, India on the banks of the river Ganges with Gurumukh. Dawn is the founder of the company Permission to Shine. She is deeply passionate and dedicated to empowering women globally to release deep-seated trauma, to help relinquish the small self for their inherent power and identity as a woman.

She is the catalyst for women to unlock their unique gifts and talents and live a life of freedom - freedom to be themselves. To be seen. To be heard and live authentically fulfilling the destiny they were born to live. Happy. Powerful. Purposeful, vital, and prosperous.

Join the rebirth revolution with Dawn at Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi and give yourself permission to shine!

Tailored Journeys:

Kundalini Yoga (private class)

Pranayama (mantra meditation and gong)Kundalini Couples Yoga

Family Yoga

Mantra Yoga

Intuitive counselling with a personalized 40 day meditation prescription

Manifestation and visioneering workshop for the New year

Reclaim your power, your identity, your voice

Overcoming stress and creating vitality

Healing relationships

Relax, renew, release and achieve peace

Change your story, change your life

Rebirth into a new you

Mantra practice for healing mind, body and soul


Amongst her clients and peers, Dawn is known as a pioneer and spiritual thought leader. She engages with her teachings in a unique style as wholeheartedly challenging the old archetypes of the typical identity of a female spiritual teacher.

She is deeply dedicated to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and his vision and legacy. Dawn sees herself as a guardian of the teachings and also sees herself as a conduit for the continuation of kundalini yoga for everyday life and everyday people around the globe.

Dawn is particularly passionate about challenging old beliefs pertaining to the notion that spirituality and prosperity do not go hand in hand. Her teachings focus on the prosperous woman of our time and how essential that is for the redistribution of wealth and for the ultimate highest good of others and for the planet.